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Peace of mind for a nervous traveler...

As a traveler with mobility issues, I have booked several trips with UNIGLOBE One Travel. I was very impressed with the level of awareness to my needs, overall. My consultant was immediately open to my requests and showed interest in any concerns I had regarding my travel plans. A cruise went off without a glitch; several quick getaways, involving special needs transfers to the hotel at my destination, were seamless; and a family reunion across the country with 8 of us traveling (each with complicated itineraries ending in the same destination on the same date) was managed with the expertise required for success!

Attention to details like ensuring a note was added to my file regarding my wheelchair needing to be stowed on the aircraft; calling hotels at my destination to ensure a handicapped room was waiting for my check in; and confirming that the widths of the doors coincided with the measurement of my chair, are typically not on travelers checklists - but UNIGLOBE One Travel's staff, made sure every item was checked and double checked, before I ever left my home.

Donna, Edmonton